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131.) Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime



ABV 4.0%

Combining Fresh Strawberry With The Taste Of Lime

132.) Aspall Cyder



ABV 4.5%

Fruity, Crisp Medium Dry

133.) Inch’s Cider



ABV 4.5%

Medium Dry. Tangy And Refreshing

134.) Orchard Pig Reveller



ABV 4.5%

Generous Apple Aroma. Crisp Refreshing Cider, Tangy Lime Finish

135.) Thatchers Gold Cider



ABV 4.8%

Refreshing, Smooth Apple Taste. Full Of Flavour. Medium/Dry


136.) Celtic Marches

Thundering Molly
ABV 5.2%

Fresh & Fruity, Lovely Aroma

137.) Celtic Marches

Tutti Frutti
ABV 4.0%

Tropical Twist Of Cherry & Pineapple

138.) Dudda’s Tun

Salted Caramel
ABV 4.0%

Apples & Caramel With A Hint Of Salt

139.) Dudda’s Tun

Sweet Apple
ABV 5.3%

Moorish Sweet Cider With Honey Notes

140.) Gwynt Y DDraig

Black Dragon
ABV 7.2%

Special Reserve Cider

141.) Gwynt Y DDraig

Welsh Warrior
ABV 6.0%

Powerful, Strong And Proud Of Its Welsh Heritage

142.) Healeys

Flattler Pear
ABV 6.0%

Rattlers Cyder Blended With Pear Juice

143.) Healeys

Flattler Strawberry & Lime
ABV 4.0%

Cornish Strawberry & Lime Cyder

144.) Lilleys Cider

Apples & Pears
ABV 5.2%

Sweet In Flavour With A Mouth Watering Exotic Taste

145.) Lilleys Cider

Bee Sting
ABV 6.8%

Fresh Tasting Pear Flavour And A Pear Aroma

146.) Lilleys Cider

Cherries & Berries
ABV 4.0%

Bursting With Berry Scrumptiousness

147.) Lilleys Cider

Crazy Goat
ABV 6.8%

Mix Of Cider And Perry

148.) Lilleys Cider

ABV 7.5%

Dark In Colour With Woody And Caramel Notes

149.) Lilleys Cider

Fire Dancer
ABV 4.5%

Cloudy Cider, Rich Rosey Colour

150.) Lilleys Cider

ABV 8.4%

Rustic Cider With Roman Flair

151.) Lilleys Cider

Rum Cider
ABV 4.0%

Unfiltered Smooth & Mellow With A Hint Of Rum

152.) Lilleys Cider

Whiskey Cask
ABV 6.0%

Matured In Oak Bourbon Casks

153.) Lilleys Cider

Wild Dog
ABV 7.5%

Vintage Wild & Rustic Cider

154.) Sandford Orchards

Devon Mist
ABV 4.5%

A Gentle Joy. Rich Autumnal Fruit

155.) Sandford Orchards

Devon Scrumpy
ABV 6.0%

Full Bodied Bursting With Character

156.) Snails Bank

Fruit Bat
ABV 4.0%

Apple Cider With Strawberry, Raspberry & Blackcurrant

157.) Snails Bank

Very Perry
ABV 5.1%

Made From Stinking Bishop Perry Pears

158.) Thistly Cross

Whisky Cask
ABV 6.9%

Glen Moray, Cask Matured

159.)Thistly Cross

Jaggy Thistle
ABV 7.4%

Dry CAMRA-Endorsed Vintage Scrumpy